lga 1366 motherboard

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In this article we figure out how to introduce a motherboard. This is your first stop in figuring out how to introduce PC segments. The motherboard is connected somehow to each gadget in your PC. ​ lga 1366 motherboard 

You will see that the motherboard comes pre-designed with various openings where you can connect gadgets to. Furthermore, there are connectors and jumpers that you should set to make it work legitimately.

Make sure to have your documentation helpful at all circumstances. For the reasons for this instructional exercise we will work with the standard ATX motherboard basic to most mid-tower PCs.

1. Open the Case and Remove Motherboard Tray

The initial step will be to open the case. The strategy for doing this will shift contingent on the case you have. For mid-towers, you will in all likelihood need to expel a side board that sits above where the motherboard will be.

Unscrew the two screws holding this board onto your PC and slide it out. Set the sinks a sheltered place. In the event that you have a more established style case you may need to expel the majority of the screws from the back of the skeleton, and slide that out.

On the off chance that your case has a motherboard plate you should expel that also. A few cases have removable motherboard plate intended to help you better introduce motherboard units effectively. These plate are very valuable and can make introducing your motherboard much simpler. In the event that your case has such a plate, make sure to expel it also.

2. Supplant the ATX Connector Plate and Align Motherboard with Case

On the off chance that you check every one of the parts that came packaged with your motherboard, you will see that it accompanied its own face plate. This may appear to be uncommon, as your PC case will have an ATX confront plate as of now introduced. The issue here needs to do with potential incongruence. Your ATX confront place may have connectors organized in an alternate example than the one that accompanied your case.

In this way, it’s best to utilize the custom face plate that accompanied your motherboard. To swap out the PC case confront plate, press both corners until it flies out. Snap the new plate set up, adjusting the console and mouse connectors to the side of the situation where your energy supply is introduced.

3. Introduce Standoffs and Secure the Motherboard

The following stride in knowing how to introduce a motherboard includes arrangement. You need gaps from the case to coordinate the openings from the motherboard- – however there’s a whole other world to it than that. To begin with, find the mounting gaps for the situation or plate that will correspond with those of the motherboard.

Since you’ve found the openings, it’s a great opportunity to introduce the standoffs. Standoffs are essentially metal or plastic pegs that will bolster the motherboard as it introduced. These pegs or spacers come in various assortments; some will be metal while others will be plastic. Check which ones you have. In the event that the standoffs are of the metal assortment, you may require a hex instrument or something to that affect to appropriately introduce them. Introduce the standoffs into the openings that you recognized before.

With the standoffs safely introduced, it’s an ideal opportunity to secure the motherboard. Adjust the motherboard over your case or plate with the goal that you can see the standoffs obviously through their coordinating openings on the motherboard. At that point start from the focal point of the motherboard to screw the motherboard to your plate or case.

After you finish that, proceed clockwise, fastening the tightens into the mounting gaps the greater part of the edges of the load up. As should be obvious, knowing how to appropriately introduce motherboard units to your PC includes more than only a couple turns of the screws!

4. Introducing Critical Wires and Connectors

The following stride in knowing how to introduce PC segments like your motherboard is to introduce basic wires and interfaces. Because your motherboard is physically introduced doesn’t mean it can speak with whatever is left of your framework.

You’ll need to interface some vital wires and links to finish the procedure. The main wires are the ones that hang free from your case, as hard drive, power, reset and speaker leads. Counsel your documentation to know how to connect these wires to their proper spaces for the situation.

The following link is the one that bolsters juice to your motherboard, the 20 stick ATX control lead from your energy supply. Connect that to the suitable space in the motherboard. Some more up to date PCs like the Pentium 4 may likewise incorporate an extra 4 stick 12v connector from the power supply, which you should connect to the motherboard too. Watch that the majority of the basic wires are secured. In the event that you utilized a removable plate you can reinsert that into the case as of now.


You have figured out how to introduce a motherboard, the fundamental center of your PC framework. As should be obvious, it’s not a hard procedure – positively not mind surgery- – but rather it’s vital that you take after the means all together.

Additionally, counsel your documentation first before you start the procedure. It will fill you in as to whether there are any jumpers that you have to set before endeavoring your introduce. These settings may differ contingent upon the kind of motherboard that you bought.

Figuring out how to fabricate your own particular PC is an exciting background. Knowing how to introduce PC parts like a motherboard is about establishing the framework.

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